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Invitrogen GeneArt® Strings™ DNA fragments

A fast and affordable alternative to traditional gene synthesis, providing custom , double-stranded strings of DNA



The Invitrogen Countess II and Coountess II FL Automated Cell Counters contain advanced autofocusing and counting algotithms to allow you to quickly and accurate count cells, while avioding user variation associated with counting.


Invitrogen_EVOS imaging systems

An Invitrogen EVOS Cell Imaging System is a must-have in you lab for cell imaging - whether you're capturing images for publication, teching, or research, EVOS systems were designed to allow researchers to focus on thier data rather than worrying about the operation of a microscope.



Lipofectamine™ MessengerMAX™ mRNA transfection reagent is a proprietary formulation that is optimized to deliver the highest amount of mRNA possible into neurons and a range of difficult-to-transfect primary cells.


invitrogen_ProcartaPlex multiplex immunoassays

ProcartaPlex multiplex immunoassays for the Luminex platform Get exactly the panel you want. Invitrogen™ ProcartaPlex™ multiplex immunoassays provide the ability to create your unique panel and the assurance that you will achieve reproducible results throughout the course of your study.


Metertech_Accumeter Visible Spectrophotometer_SP880_SP830+

Absorbance microplate reader for fast and accurate result. The SP-800 series single beam visible spectrophotometers are a low-cost, easy-to-use and reable general purpose instrument designed for laboratories and education needs.


Metertech_AccuReader Microplate Reader_M965

Absorbance microplate reader for fast and accurate result Using high quality optical components the M965 Microplate reader can perform ELISA measurements between the wavelength of 340-750nm with enf point, two point, and kinetic measurementmethod.


Metertech_SP-8001 UVVisible Spectrophotometer

Absorbance microplate reader for fast and accurate result. The Metertech SP-8001 UV/Visible Specphotometer is an accurate, reliable, and cost effective instrument designed for quality control, research, and teaching requirements.


NANOBIOSYS_UltraFast LabChip Real-time PCR G2-4 Brochure 2016

UltraFast LabChip Real-time PCR G2-4 World Leading Company in Molecular Diagnostics The Fast Real-time PCR Instrument With Disposable Plastic


NANOBIOSYS_UltraFast Sample Prep G2-16TU Brochure 2016

UltraFast LabChip Real-time PCR G2-16TU System World Leading Company in Molecular Diagnostics The DNA/RNA extraction Instrument. It takes 5-30min to isolate nuvleic acids from 1-16 samples


PRO Scientific_Catalog

PRO Scikenctific product lines are made entirely in the USA, bulit with pride and built to last. PRO believes in listening precisely to what our customers need, then responding with a superior product.Our years of experience allow us to take a leadership role in providing you with laboratory equipment capable of handing tomorrow's new challengers.



CombiSart Multibranch Systems BioSart‚ 100 Monitors have been specially designed for microbiological testing of food, beverages, water and other liquids. These sterile disposables with an incorporated membrane filter and cellulose pad are ready to use.



The BACTRONEZ is the smallest of the line with a 300 plate capacity. It's modular configuration allows users to choose the options that best fit their specific work flow needs.


SHELLAB_General Purpose Incubators_2017

SHEL LAB General Purpose Incubators are the ideal solution for industrial protocols, biological research and environmental studied that demand accurate and repeatable results.


SHELLAB_Large Capacity Incubators_2017

Optimized Floor Space Models SMI31 and SMI39 incubators provide 30.8 & 38.6 cu.ft. chamber capacities while minimizing the amount of floor space used. Both Models incorporate our microprocessor controller to achieve precise temperature uniformity.


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