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Titertek Berthold Catalog Life Science Products

Titertek-Berthold is specialized in the development, manufacturing and distribution of high performance instruments for the Life Science laboratory. We provide high-quality, reliable and easy-to-use instruments for worldwide biomedical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological and fundamental research communities.


WIGGENS_Ultrasonic Cleaners Catalog 2017

Ultrasonic Cleaner Technology The cavitation phenomenon consist of formation and growth of millions of microscopic bubbles under a low pressure stage, produced into the ultrasonic bath due to a high power transducer 40/59kHz. These bubbles break in all directions and attack every surface in contact with water, erasing dirt, impurities and pollutants when contacting with the materials or pieces into the bath. This phenomenon allows cleaning all kind of piece without need of disassembling, due to it is taking part in all surface in contact with the liquid. The heat allows accelerate this clearing process.


Winpact_Catalogue 2017

All about Winpact Fermentation and Cell Cultivation System Winpact is a product brand under Major Science, devoted to creating a broad product portfolio for fermentation technologies. We focus on offering cell cultivation solution to the life sciences market.


Zinexts_MagPurix 12A-Brochure-2017

The MagPurix 12A is a high throughput advanced extractor for automated nucleic acid purificaion.It offers the flexibility to process 1-12 samples per run simultaneously, which can meet your small, medium or large sample process requirements.


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