BLOCK, 24x0.2 ML, 10x1.5 ML + 10x0.5 ML

BLOCK, 24x0.2 ML, 10x1.5 ML + 10x0.5 ML

Cat. No. : 1MJC-MC-B0.2+0.5+1.5
Brand : : Major Science

 The Ultimate Dry Bath Blocks are designed for the Ultimate Dry Bath Incubators. The precisely-machined aluminum alloy blocks, which are suitable for microplate and different sizes of test tubes and centrifuge tubes ranging from 0.2ml to 50ml, deliver efficient heating and cooling performance. In addition to the standard blocks, customized blocks are also available to broaden the applications of the Ultimate Dry Bath Incubator. MC Blocks are designed for Ultimate plus Dry Bath Incubator to provide even more efficient heating and cooling speed. Two standard block modes and customized blocks are available.

 Precisely CNC machined aluminum alloy blocks

 R -curve edged block design

 Through Sand Blast Anodizing Surface treatment, it ensure a nice & smooth surface block with a longer durability


 Laser marked on the selected blocks



Cat. No.

Ultimate Dry Bath Blocks

Used for

MC-01 series

Block lifter


Block material

Aluminum alloy


( WxLxH)

3.5"x5.08"x1.81" (89x129x46mm) for standard blocks

2.54"x3.5"x1.81" (64.5x89x46mm) for MC-B0.2H/0.5H/1.5H

3.5"x5.08"x1.18" (89x129x30mm) for MC-BS0.2+0.5/0.5+1.5



Block lifter well


Thermometer well   

Yes (except microplate blocks)

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