Cat. No. : 1AS-08110-00
Brand : : ALLSHENG

 1. Extremely quiet operation

2. Easy-to-follow LCD display
3. Capacity: 12 x 1.5/2.0ml tubes
4. Separate short-spin key
5. Low sample heating (only 12°C after 30min, at max.speed)
6. Autoclavable rotor (121°C, 20min)
7. RMP/RCF setting as required
8. Includes standard rotor made of anodized aluminum
9. Timer can be set up to 99min
10. The small size of the unit makes it convenient for benchtop use or in refrigerated environments


Model  Mini-15K
 Power requirement  100W
 Relative centrifugal force (RCF)  14,000 x g
 Max.rotational speed  14,500rpm
 Timer  20sec~99min
 Acceleration time to max. speed  15s
 Braking time from max. speed  15s
 Dimensions (DxWxH)  270x230x155mm


Code  Description
 AS-08041-01  Adapters for 0.5ml tubes
 AS-08041-02  Adapters for 0.2ml tubes