TCW3000 AC, 150L.

TCW3000 AC, 150L.

Cat. No. : 2DMT-991.2367.02
Brand : : B Medical Systems (Dometic)

Highest insulation value

• Rotomoulded body construction: rust free and extremely robust 
• 100mm PU foam insulation guarantees highest possible hold over time 
• Double silicon gaskets (replaceable) and lockable clasps ensure tight sealing . Designed for tropical temperatures: +5°C to +43°C

Vaccine Refrigerator or Freezeer

• Vaccine storage capacity: 150 L .Ice-pack storage capacity: 187 x 0.6 L . 
• Hold Over Time: 53 h 10 at +43°C 
• Delivered with 38 ice-packs at 0.6 L and 5 wire storage baskets: facilitates the handling and storage management of the vaccines

Integrated electronics

• Electronics controller with integrated digital temperature monitoring 
• Temperature monitoring maintained in power failure

Special features

• The refrigerator part has an ice bank inside the cabinet. The ice bank consists of frozen icpeack during its operation. During periods of system failure and load procedures, the ice bank bank acts as cold storage to protect the vaccines. 
• It can function as an icepack freezer and/or as refrigerator. 
• Equipped with 1 voltage protector


External dimensions H x W x D (mm) 910 x 1270 x 780
Function Vaccine Refrigerator & Icepack Freezer
Vaccine storage capacity (l) 150
Ice-pack storage capacity (at 0.6 L) 187
Ice-pack freezing capacity -
Hold over time (+2°C to +10°C) 53 h 10
Climate Zone Hot zone (+43°C)
External dimensions H x W x D (mm) 910 x 1270 x 780
Shipping dimensions H x W x D (mm) 1030 x 1300 x 800
Shipping weight (kg) 123
Operating voltage range AC I 230 V - 50 Hz 110 V - 60 Hz
PQS Code E003 / 017
Freeze Protection Grade A
Energy source Electricity (AC)
Number & type of solar panels -
Energy consumption / 24 h Stablerunning 1.37 KWh
Energy consumption / 24 h Cooldown 1.32 KWh
Energy consumption / 24 h During freezing -

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